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You can integrate the diagrams with your webpages or blogs or any forum pages.

How to do this?

Add the diagram to your web page

  • 1. Create your diagrams from
  • 2. The publish it from File ->Publish menu
  • 3. Copy the static link or the java-script to your web page.

Edit the diagram from your web page

  • 1. A link will be placed at the bottom of the diagram (for java-script)
  • 2. Click the link to edit diagram and save
  • 3. Come back to your web page to see the updated diagram


Your diagrams are protected from unauthorized edit. Only your collaborators and group members can edit and save the diagrams.

Examples of live diagram in your webpage

This is a your webpage or wiki or blog.
You have some text content here and then you added the below diagram.

After clicking the "edit diagram" link above, the collaborators or your team members can update the diagram.

Put more content and other diagrams here.

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