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Diagram name: Flow Chart of Password, created by: kpsingh
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Text used in this diagram:
Start, Go To Web URL option password, Enter Catergy : 1 : Online Trading 2 : BackOffice 3 : Dp Online , Pls Contact DP Deptt. #011-30412345 Ext : or write a amail on :, End, Pls Contact BackOffice Deptt # 011-30412345 Ext : or Mail on, End, Input From Client Side. 1 : Trading Code 2 : Pan No 3 : DOB 4 : ........, Message Dsiplayed Your Password Reset request Recived reply will be send you very soon., Request Send to Concerned Email id for SMS, Mail or Phyiscally send., End, 3, 1, 2,

Shapes used in this diagram:
startend, rectangle, lineconnector, rhombus, text,