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Diagram name: Unknown Bacteria Flowchart, created by: michelle thames
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Text used in this diagram:
Gram Stain, gram negative rods, gram positive cocci S. aureus S. epidermidis Bacillus cereus Bacillus subtilis S. pyogenes E. faecalis , E. coli K. pneumoniae S. marcescens P. aeruginosa Shigella flexneri E. aerogenes A. faecalis P. vulgaris S. typhimurium , NEGATIVE E. coli , Catalase test (reaction) , pink rod shape, purple cocci shaped clusters , MR-VP (color), NO COLOR CHANGE S. typhimurium K. pneumoniae , RED (positive) E. aerogenes , POSITIVE REACTIION E. aerogenes K. pneumoniae S. marcescens S. typhimurium , Gram positive rod , Citrate Test (color) , BLUE (positive) P. aeruginosa, YELLOW (positive) K. pneumoniae, TSI Sucrose (color) , RED (negative) S. typimurium E. coli A. faecalis, GREEN (negative) P. vulgaris, Gram positive bacteria, shape, MSA (growth), NO GROWTH S. epiderrmidis Bacillus cereus S. pyogenes E. faecalis, GROWTH S.aureus, weak reaction P. aeruginosa P. vulgaris, Unknown Bacterial Species, MICHELLE THAMES MICROBIOLOGY FALL 2011 MR. TOAL,

Shapes used in this diagram:
rectangle, ellipse, lineconnector, rhombus, angleconnector, text, papertape,